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Museum Mission Statement and Objectives

Mission Statement

The Orange County Sheriff's Museum & Education Center is established to preserve, store, and display Orange County Sheriff's Department historical artifacts and documents. The museum shall be established to highlight the various units of the Sheriff's Department and to display an overview of its history, mission, and value to the community. The museum shall also serve as an educational center for the community and the Sheriff's Department, providing an attractive and relevant lecture and training venue. The museum can offer narrated tours and lectures to the community's schools and youth programs, promoting goodwill while educating young people as to the important and diverse tasks the Sheriff's Department performs, with emphasis on alcohol and drug prevention education and career opportunities within the department.



(1) Collect and preserve OCSD historical materials and artifacts
(2) Design the future Orange County Sheriff's Museum facility
(3) Select candidate sites for the Sheriff's Museum
(4) Develop and follow-through with a fundraising program for museum development
(5) Publicize and advertise the Sheriff's Museum
(6) Obtain a vintage (1957 to 1964) vehicle to construct a replica vintage sheriff unit
(7) Develop a Sheriff's Reserve Museum Unit to support the museum programs


Museum Staff

Honorary Chairman
Sheriff Don Barnes

Executive Director
Ret. Lt. Darren Braham

Board of Directors
Ken Bourne, Webmaster
Bill Griffin, Fundraiser

Ray Grimes, Founder, Ret. OCC Asst. Director, Advisor, Special Projects

Chuck Streitz, Administration/Contracts/Financial

Executive Staff
Randy Benicky, Historian

Sgt. Maria Bowman, Project Coordinator
Denah Braham, Special Projects Coordinator

Gary Disney, Vehicle Support
Lynda Halligan, AOCDS Museum Program Liaison
Jason Ho, Maintenance Support
Susan Huang, Project Coordinator

Ret. Sgt. Tim Jansen, Special Projects

Greg Kutzbach, IT Manager

John Messina, Museum Counsel

Nader Mikhail, MD, Special Projects Coordinator

Erenia Perry, Special Projects Coordinator

Mike Strand, Technical Specialist
Carol Tracy, Project Coordinator
Ret. Capt. Brian Wilkerson, Special Projects Advisor

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